Interested in a Free Leadership Development Workshop?

For companies, like yours, I have just started offering a FREE 45-minute (with Q&A) Leadership Development Workshop (live or virtual), currently entitled “The Intuitive Leader.” Within the Seminar, we explore “12 concepts Every Intuitive Leader Must Know” in order to Be a Better Leader. These concepts are: Awareness, Accountability, Relationships, The Practice of Humility, Be Vulnerable, Desire to Inspire, the Art of Excellence, Your Mindset, Political Civility, The Millennial Conundrum, Understanding the Game, and Honest & Transparency. Additionally, we explore the 5 secrets my clients use to reframe their minds and reclaim their destinies.

My intention by offering this, for free, is three-fold. At the end of the Workshop, your Execs/Leaders will have a deep and insightful level of understanding of who they need to be and exactly what it takes to be a better and more intuitive leader. The second reason is that I am tweaking and finalizing my presentation prior to working the public speaking circuit and would LOVE feedback. The third reason is to provide enough value wherein your Execs/Leaders see me as a potential resource or coach for future challenges that may arise.