A spiritual medium, intuitive life healer, speaker, author, life & death expert, and bereavement guy, Seth’s vision is to Inspire the World, One by One, to Smile From The Inside. He has a great deal to say, the basis of which is Know who you are, Embrace who you are, and Be who you are - no matter what the circumstance or what your past – and you can heal from anything.

What is an I.B.A. or Intuitive Business Advisor?

Let me be your on-Earth spiritual guide. As a medium, intuitive, healer, and death expert, I help people heal themselves.

Whether it’s a business or personal dilemma, a relationship challenge, missing a deceased loved one, feeling sad or lonely and wanting to connect, a communication snafu, overwhelming anxiety, or just wanting a friend or someone to listen, I am here for you… 24/7. I’m here to help guide you into a better space.

Together, we can overcome absolutely anything. If you want more information or might want know someone who would be interested, let me know.


What do I offer?

1) To Be A Better You. To Be A Better Human. To Build A Better Legacy.

2) I help humans break free from their past, re-engage in their present, so they can build a better legacy and future for themselves.

3) I will be your personal on-call Spiritual Coach or Intuitive Guide. That means, you will have unlimited access to me at all times, 24/7, for coachings, readings, pick-me-ups, etc…


What makes me unique and therefore extremely effective?

I am an intuitive (aka psychic), a medium, a healer, an author, and more…

So…what does that mean for you?

As an intuitive, within perhaps a few seconds, I can feel into and pretty much tell you exactly what you need to know, right now, with impressive accuracy!

Also, as an intuitive, generally within a few minutes, I can intuitively feel into ‘who you are’ and ‘where you’ve come from’ and therefore help identify your survival mechanisms and your inner critic dialogue.

During one intuitive session, together, we discuss, dissect, and dive (gracefully) into your not-so-distant past, present, and not-so-distant future.

During one mediumship reading, together, we simultaneously connect with any of your deceased loved ones AND help you shift and heal years of shame, guilt, or disappointment.


Now, just IMAGINE what we can do together if I stand/partner with you for 3-months, 6-months, or one year??

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