I am Seth Eliot Santoro, CEC. I am an Intuitive Business Advisor, Coach & Author. I partner with CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Execs, like you, to identify your behavioral responses and re-frame your present, so you can build a better legacy and future for yourself, your teams, employees, clients, friends, and especially your families. In addition to 20 years in Corporate America, I use my intuitive gifts to guide, challenge, champion, and focus you on what is most important and beneficial to your vision.

What is an Intuitive Business Coach?

I help leaders sleep soundly at night. I help them get clear.

I empower Leaders, mostly CEOs and Execs, to “Reframe Their Minds and Reclaim Their Destinies,” so they can create and build a better legacy for themselves and everyone around them. I do this by partnering with them to recognize, identify, and shift their behavioral patterns and survival mechanisms in order to re-engage and re-commit to their present, so they can break-free from their past, reframe their present, and be a more intuitive and better leader.

Together, we can overcome absolutely anything. If you want more information or might want know someone who would be interested, let me know.


What do I offer?

There are two ways to work with me:

1) One-on-One Intuitive Business Coaching (6-month minimum)

2) A 12-week Live Group Coaching Program

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What makes me unique and therefore extremely effective?

Over the past 20 years, I have developed a unique set of skills/abilities which set me apart from all other coaches out there. I help clients change their lives through insight, clarity, awareness, discussion, reflection, intuition, and acceptance. Using my S.M.I.L.E. Method of Healing, my 20+ years in Corporate America, my HR Advisory work, and my Intuitive capabilities, I make a difference in each and every client’s life.


Now, just IMAGINE what we can do together if I stand with you for 6-months or one year??

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