A spiritual medium, intuitive business advisor, speaker, author, life & death expert, and bereavement guy, Seth’s vision is to inspire the world, one-by-one, to heal and therefore smile from the inside. The movement is to help people heal themselves, so they can heal others. So, if you are ready to break free from your past and current survival mechanisms, re-engage and re-commit to your present, so you can build a better legacy and future for yourself, check out my services here!
Intuitive Business Coach
Intuitive Business

What is an Intuitive Business Coach? I help leaders sleep soundly at night. I help them get clear. I empower Leaders, mostly CEOs and Execs, to “Reframe Their Minds and…

HR Advisor

The Problem & Solution: Through Seth’s intuitive business sense, he helps CEOs, Companies, and Leaders build a better legacy, so they can become so painstakingly aware, they have no choice…

Intuitive Speaker

  Interested in a Free Leadership Development Workshop? For companies, like yours, I have just started offering a FREE 45-minute (with Q&A) Leadership Development Workshop (live or virtual), currently entitled…