HI I’m Seth Eliot Santoro!

SethEliot can help you heal and overcome ANYTHING!

A CEO, Intuitive Business Coach, Spiritual Coach, HR Advisor, Intuitive Speaker, and Author of “How I Learned To Smile From The Inside,” Seth Eliot Santoro, CEC’s vision is to inspire the world, one by one, to smile from the inside. With over 20 years of HR and Operational Management experience within Corporate America, Seth helps leaders, executives, and organizations build better legacies by reigniting cultures, empowering individuals to be better humans, and therefore developing better leaders for the 21st century multi-generational and multi-faceted workforce.

Seth Eliot Santoro is a self-acclaimed Reframer. A reframer is an intuitive individual who inspires and encourages others to shift their limited views, actions, and behaviors, by dealing with their past, healing in their present, and sealing the foundation for their limitless future, all in an effort to achieve the ultimate self-expression, he likes to call: Smiling from The Inside.